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Poached Norwegian Salmon – served with a mustard, dill caper sauce excellent hot or cold

Cracked Black Peppered Honey Glazed Salmon – with a green goddess dressing on the side

Almond Crusted Salmon – with capers and lemon

Blackened Tuna – marinated tuna steaks with a light Creole sauce

Tuna Steaks – with garlic, tomatoes, capers and basil

Baked Halibut – seasoned with breadcrumbs and fresh herbs

Roasted Halibut – with tomatoes, saffron and cilantro

Herbed Steamed Halibut – with onion, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes

Shrimp Scampi – broiled marinated shrimp with garlic, tomatoes, white wine, butter and lemon

Baked Cod – crispy battered with tartar sauce on the side

Poached Stuffed Filet of Sole – spinach, crabmeat and wild mushrooms topped with a saffron sauce

Seafood Pot pie – cod, shrimp, scallops and vegetables in a white wine mushroom cream sauce

Seafood Kebab – grilled seasonal fish with marinated vegetables and fresh herbs

Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp – zesty seasoned sautéed shrimp

Southern Style Shrimp – with corn and green onions

Blackened Farm Raised Catfish – blackened and baked Cajun style

Crisp Crusted Catfish – with tartar sauce on the side

Paella – with chicken, chorizo, shrimp and mussels

Savory Crab Cakes – served with a Cajun remoulade

Baked Scrod – seasoned with tartar sauce on the side

Shellfish Paella – with shrimp, mussels and clams

Party Shrimp and Chicken – with tomatoes, onions, port wine and fresh herbs

Baked Swordfish – seasoned with white wine, oil and fresh herbs

Grilled Marinated Swordfish Steaks – with a tarragon marinade

Cumin-Crusted Chilean Sea Bass – served with lemon wedges on the side

Scallop Gratins – with garlic lemon butter

Teriyaki Shrimp and Scallop Kebabs

Shrimp Platter – crispy battered, steamed, Cajun and grilled with tartar, cocktail and spicy sauces on the side

Salmon Risotto

Oven Baked Tilapia – with thyme, tomatoes and onions

Assorted Sushi Rolls and Pieces – tuna, shrimp, smoked salmon, broiled eel, cucumber and California served with wasabi, fresh ginger and soy sauce

In most cases substitutions can be made.

Disposable plates, cups, utensils, paper napkins and condiments included.